A beautiful way to add a professional and clean feel to your landscaping, mulch can be used for such a wide range of projects.

Completely pet and child friendly, our mulch is manufactured in-house. That means we control the quality and can guarantee a safe and reliable product. Add a pop of colour to your yard with our impact black, impact coffee brown, and magic dark red coloured mulches, or go for a more rugged look with our natural mulches, pine mulch, light natural, and dark natural.

From early spring to late summer, our mulch is available for pick-up at our yard or schedule a delivery, and we can bring it to you, working around your busy schedule. Since we create and sell all our mulch ourselves, we offer bulk quantities at extremely competitive rates, making it the perfect choice for suppliers, landscapers, and homeowners alike.


Coffee Brown

Light Natural

Impact Black

Dark Natural

Magic Dark Red


We are animal lovers, so it’s important to us to make high-quality bedding for them that is soft and absorbent, made from very dry and consistent materials.

Our animal bedding is the perfect choice for beef and other livestock. Made from lumber instead of freshly cut trees, it’s not only great quality, it’s also an environmentally sustainable option. Our animal bedding lasts longer than traditional shavings and is extremely cost-effective compared to traditional straw or shavings. That’s a win-win-win in our books.


At Premium Mulch Products, we produce wood grindings with extremely low moisture content.

This clean and consistent material is ideal for use as biofuel in boiler furnaces or outdoor wood furnaces. Because it is made from wood waste, it’s a fuel you can feel good about. Eco-friendly, affordable, and top-quality. What more could you ask for?