Our name says it all…we are on a mission to produce top-quality mulch, animal bedding, and biofuel, BUT we do it in a way that benefits our customers and the planet.

Because we make everything in-house, we can hold ourselves to the strictest standards, with everything being quality inspected before it’s sold. Sustainability is extremely important to us at Premium Mulch Products, and we do our best to have a positive impact on our environment with eco-friendly products and practices. We partner with Oxford Pallet and Recyclers (more on that in our timeline below), putting their wood waste to good use so it doesn’t end up in the landfill. We also work hard to reduce and recycle as much as possible to do our part in making our world a greener place.


We work closely with our partners at Oxford Pallet and Recyclers to reuse their wood waste and turn it into eco-friendly animal bedding and biofuel – a win-win for everyone, including the environment…but did you know Premium Mulch Products started as a division of Oxford Pallet and Recyclers?

Oxford Pallet was established in 1999. The company thrived, and it was clear that the need was high enough for wood grindings to support a separate company – and just like that, Premium Mulch Products was born.

In May 2009, we purchased a Rotochopper EC-256 grinder to better grind waste wood. That same year, we also started colouring waste wood with a rented colourizer to make garden mulch. We coloured the mulch on Quaker Street, just north of Norwich, and sold retail and wholesale much from our 285725 Airport Road location.

In July 2014, we moved colouring production to a property near Mt. Elgin. And in October, we purchased our first colourizer, a Fecon BDM 1000.

In April 2015, we purchased another grinder, the Rotochopper MP-2. At this point, waste wood products stayed at Oxford Pallet at the Airport Road location. We sold this material strictly as biofuel. We started trucking in natural wood products for garden mulch to our yard near Mt. Elgin. Our garden mulch was now made from natural untreated wood for better quality. No more waste wood!

In September 2018, we realized that wood grinding needed to become its own division. Therefore, Premium Mulch Products was made! The next month, we upgrade our colourizer to a Sahara X1. This new state-of-the-art technology allowed us to control and record every pound of dye and every gallon of water used to colour mulch.

In 2019 we upgraded our grinder to a Rotochopper B66 diesel machine.

In June of 2021, we added an RMT Rotochopper Hammermill to our grinding process in Norwich. We now have a multistage grinding system, and we started the production of shavings as bedding.

In September of 2021, we moved our mulch yard to our present location in Tillsonburg! We were thrilled to have 12 acres of graded land, giving us more room to grow. Before the year was over, we added a 926M Caterpillar loader, Rotochopper B66T, and a Mccloskey Int. ST80 to our fleet.

In 2023, we traded in our original Rotochopper B66 and purchased our first brand-new Rotochopper B66T! At this point, we now own two grinders on tracks.