Premium Mulch Products began as a division of Oxford Pallet and Recyclers, which was established in 1999. As the company grew and thrived, the need for a new business to focus on wood grindings became apparent. This is how Premium Mulch Products was born.

Here at Premium Mulch Products, we use a Roto Chopper wood grinder to create our own products. The Roto Chopper breaks down the wood into sizes ranging from 5/8” to 3”.

Our mulch passes through a colourizer after being broken down. This high-tech machine ensures the mulch is vibrant and durable. Available colours include natural (not dyed), black, brown, and red.

We maintain a high-quality standard for all of our mulch, animal bedding, and biofuel. We are committed to providing the best products and service.

Here at Premium Mulch Products, we work hard to reduce and recycle the materials we use so that we can assist in making our world a greener place.

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Coloured Mulches