Have ample natural wood-based materials on-site? You have the beginnings of mulch!

At Premium Mulch Products, we have several grinders that we can bring directly to your property or job site. We take natural, woody materials, like logs, brush, yard trimmings, or even bark, and feed them through our grinders — reducing them to various particle sizes, making eco-friendly and high-quality mulch products with the materials you already have.

Because our grinders have their own tracks, we have versatility and options when it comes to grinding locations and job sites, with a massive service area spanning Southern Ontario. Pricing varies depending on location, time, quantity, and many other factors, so reach out to the Premium Mulch team for a custom quote.


We get you the mulch you need WHEN you need it. At Premium Mulch Products, we maintain a fleet of walking-floor trailers because it gives us the ability to make a range of bulk deliveries in a timely manner.

When mulch season is in full swing, having an on-site fleet makes all the difference in keeping our customers working on their landscaping projects instead of stalling out while they wait on product delivery. We can’t do much about the rain, but we can make sure you get your order on time!